The Rule of Nines as Core to Nursing


Nursing is one of the most interesting fields one should consider venturing in. With illness being a universal affair, nurses are easily absorbed in their countries, their local communities as well as outside their countries. Even when the nurses are not at work, they tend to be an essential resource to the society. The rule of nines is one tool that nurses use that applies in the emergency and pre-hospital medicine. The rule of nine focuses on estimating the total body surface area that is affected by a burn as well as the severity of the burn in question. As a result, the healthcare provider tends to easily estimate the hospital admission criteria as well as the patient’s fluid requirements.

Using the rule of nines from, one tends to estimate the surface area of burn based on each major body part. The entire left arm has an estimated BSA of 9% in both adults and children. In the same line, the right arm has the estimated BSA of a similar percentage. The entire head, on the other hand, has a BSA of 9% in adults and 18% in adults.

The chest tens to have a count of 9% for both the adults and children while the entire back tends to have an estimated BSA of 18%. The left leg and the right leg have each an estimated BSA of 18% for adults and 13.5% for children. Lastly, the groin tends to have an estimated BSA of 1% for both the adults and children. Learn more about education at this website

Among the aspects to consider when determining the burn severity includes the size of the skin affected. The emergency medical professionals tend to come up with a quick estimate of the area of the burn by adding the segments or body parts each with a specific estimated percentage. In a case where the patient’s entire back, 18% and the entire right leg (18%) are burned, then the total estimated BSA affected equals 36%. In a case where half of the right leg was burned, then the BSA assigned would be halved to 9%.

In a case where one digs more into nursing, one would find that various studies have found a few exceptions, especially to obese patients something which led to the rule of five. To obese people, the arm tends to have an estimate of 5% while each leg tends to have an estimate of 20%. The trunk tends to have an estimated BSA of 50% while the head tends to have an estimated BSA of2%. Get funny nursing memes at


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